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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  October 24, 2009 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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he's a great football player. >> mike: and looking to close the e gap on current points lear jimmie johnson. nascar's best head to the short track on the c circuit. the sprint cup continues in martinsville. coverage begins on abc at 1:00, 10 a.m. pacific. for more infmation logon to >> craig: now, the oregon ststa offense, 22 yards on the night. we just showed you the graphic, and how many yards oregon state has averaged against the usc defense. 400 yards plus. everybody else in the 227 range. and quizz rodgers, remember, mike, he didn't even play the second quarter with that banged up ankle. >> mike: that's right. 5:41 to go in the game. oregon state down by six.
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42-36. mcneal from the 9. covering up that football. driven out of bounds to the 27 yard line. check in with heather. >> heather: well, the usc offense will take the field without the services of senior tight end anthony mccoy being treated for i right ankle injury. came off the field. about six doctors addressed him. he got off the field, got on the ground and couldn't put any pressure on that right foot. he's icing it and done for the night. >> mike: big loss for them, 6'5", 252. hopefully, he'll be all right and be able to play next week. mcknight is back in at tailback. gets maybe a yard before he is swallowed up.
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by that oregon state defense. >> craig: so the question really becomes in this game, if you're usc and pete carroll, do you throw the ball? do you protect matt barkley? many times you've seen it, football teams get cautious, you get cautious to the point you lose a football game. you've got to execute. you can't afford to give the ball back to sean canfield and oregon state's offense and not expect him to have a shot at beating them. >> mike: no, not with what they've shown. they're going to use every second they possibly can. complete pass, about a yard shy. maybe two, of the first down. johnson makes the catch. number seven, usc, on top by only six. as we approach the 4:30 mark in this ball game.
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and this is a huge play. third and two for usc. what do you call here? >> craig: well, if you had anthony mccoy, your great tight end in the ball game, you'd have a short outlet for yourself, right? he's on the sideline. and they've had great success running the ball. i wouldn't be surprised if they just got there and ran it. >> mike: and the mark is right at the sticks. you see the yellow line. t is remarkably accurate. and if the ball is spotted past that, as it is, they will call the sticks. but looks like a first down. >> craig: now, bradford on the night, he's had a heck of a game running the football. he's taken the pressure off of barkley. he's opened up that passing game for matt barkley. this is a good offense. they've got the balance that you're looking for. they've gone against an offense,
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they've had to go back and forth. >> mike: this is the most points usc has allowed at home since 2005, when fresno got 42. >> craig: i've got a question for you, mike. how impressive was the cincinnati victory at oregon state? >> mike: huge. huge. i think cincinnati's a heck of a ball club. >> craig: absolutely. now, pitt is coming on strong in the big east. they've rocked today over south florida. >> mike: just crushed them. >> craig: crushed them. thousand, dave wannstedt's football team, they're making a statement. that's going to be a heck of a game down the road. west virginia hung on to beat a spirited uconn team today. >> mike: yes, that did. bradford. and hat its off to the mountains fans. they gave a huge ovation to the
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connecticut players had they took the field today. i would expect nothing else from the bill stewart coached team. the man is just one of the classiest individuals i've ever known. >> craig: genuine, too. he's not just doing it to be politically cool. bill stewart's just a good man. >> mike: clock continues to wind down. oregon state can only stop it once. boy, there's no fear in this play calling. he just comes out and fired to damian williams. barkley right on target. and this will set up another huge third down. >> craig: you're asking so much out of your secondary to cover damian williams with really no help deep. and you're putting pressure with your inside guys. williams, that's pitch and catch. he's got the big body. he shields the corner. you just can't expect that to be stopped. >> mike: that's for sure. every second that ticks off
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diminishes oregon state's chances. and usc gets a first down here, it's close to being over. >> referee: time-out. >> mike: now, the trojans are going to use the time-out. >> referee: time-out number two. 30-second time-out. >> mike: pete carroll wants to get his best play to get a first down and maybe salt this one away. let's go to heather. >> heather: it's been fascinating watching the dynamic in the game between quarterback matt barkley and jeremy bates. it's like helping jay cutler make the pro bowl. the two are inseparable. you can just tell by looking in matt's eyes where he's headed. you can feel the strength that matt's getting down here. bates is no stranger to quarterbacks, guys, he played quarterback at tennessee with none other than peyton manning.
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>> mike: you know, heather, some teams don't have quarterback coaches. if you talk to quarterbacks, they'll tell you, they need one. they need one that's like a father to say, i messed this one. what can i do? very important. >> craig: and apparently very smart to handle anything strategically. blitz, on the outside. he knows he's got damian williams one-on-one. that's pitch and catch. find your great receiver. >> mike: this could be a ball game right here. two tight ends. barkley. complete pass. first down. damian williams, that 6'1" target. and a perfect throw for barkley and a first down. >> craig: you lose your great tight end, anthony mccoy. you have to have a presence on the inside. so, again, setting the play up. rolling the pocket away from the
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pressure. just on the left side of your screen, and you're going to see dame yn williams replacing basically what a tight end would do, right, mike? >> mike: absolutely. >> craig: it's just great smart play calling. >> mike: and the linebacker keaton kristick had the great coverage. bradford down to the 45. play clock goes to 40. and just they'll lose every second of it. and oregon state, again, can only stop it once. >> craig: mike riley and oregon state will look back to the first half. missed opportunities. they had the fumble. their first fumble they have turn over this season, which is rare, nobody else in the country does that. james rodgers fumbled. they went in to score. eyeyadaderceceptated quark.k.hit t onhehe p pys..ikik usc'
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th dplaylo will if brad, nice j job. ar srtrt play.ks tn whwhil let thock be y your iend c c is g gngng t to es atho >> crara: you u uerstand y mymh for oregon state coming down? >> mike: you were absolutely right. they included themselves beautifully tonight. >> craig: and we're seeing again that pete carroll has replaced steve sarkisian with jeremy bates, john morton over there. his coaching staff just a heck of a coaching staff and a very talented football team. >> mike: and this is your first look at matt barkley, you are obviously looking at not only the future of this program, but the presence of this program.
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this kid is just a sensational player. >> craig: ll, i'd like to close out the night with anote to the computers around the country. please don't disrespect the usc victory at ohio state and notre dame. >> mike: you hear that, all you computers? you hear that? it's a message from craig to all the motherboards out there. >> craig: there you go, here's a virus for you. >> mike: pete carroll, mike riley, guys with all the respect for each other. some performance. final score, usc, 42, oregon state, 36. we'll go back to new york. matt winer for the ford wrap-up. good one in l.a. welcome to the ford wrap-up. texas and missouri, the longhorns were impressive. mccoy was nearly perfect against
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the tigers. 26 of 31 with three touchdowns and a blowout win. for more, john saunders and jesse palmer. thanks a lot, guys. welcome to the ford wrap-up. john saunders alongside jesse palmer. big question in everybody's minds coming into college football every week. who's the best team truly in college football, who's number one? florida holds the crown right now, but do they deserve it? tim tebow, the snap is high. takes the pitch and runs it in, 26 yards for a touchdown. >> it's tim tebow's 39th career running touchdown. that ties him with herschel walker. >> and chris freeney, 88-yard touchdown run. they win it by 10. alabama facing tennessee. this field goal. daniel lincoln, if he can knock it through will win the game for tennessee but it's blocked by
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terrence cody, the second one he blocks in the game. alabama survives on four field goals, no touchdowns. so is alabama the best team? is florida the best team? or are either of them the best team? >> that's the question, john. to me, florida and alabama are enigmas right now. are either number one? they both run the football and run the football but neither the greatest. tim tebow throws two pick sixes. there needs to be balance for the two teams. we watched colt mccoy light up early throwing the football. texas right now to me looks to be the most balanced of the three. >> they score 35 in the first half. a big finish in the big ten. iowa coming in unbean. looked like they were going to lose to michigan state. stanzi to mcnutt, he hangs on for the touchdown, and iowa
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pulls this one out, 15-13, they go to 8-0 on the season. stanzi, 137 yards, but that key touchdown. >> iowa are the cardiac kids. how about this, they do this each and every week. it doesn't matter who they're playing. northern iowa, arkansas state, michigan, penn state, michigan state, they always seem to have just enough gas left in the tank to get it done. congratulations to iowa. the first time in school history to start 8-0. >> they own their own destiny, by the way, if they want to win the big ten. they're the only team without a loss. of course, we see you again next week. this has been the ford wrap-up. ecoboostâ„¢ engine in the all-new taurus sho from ford. that has the thirst of a v6 with the thrust of a v8. we speak car. we speak innovion.
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h1n1 out. now declared national emergency. local people lined up for hours for their shot at the vaccine but not everyone is able to get one. the new calls for help, federal agents in search for a missing
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virginia tech student. marathon runners get ready to lace up their shoes and pound the pavement. the information that you need to get around the marine corps marathon. our top story tonight, president barack obama has declared the swine flu outbreak in national emergency. the declaration allows health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius to make it easier for people to get treatment more quickly. the news came after the vernnt announced there is not enough of the swine flu vaccine available. >> vaccination is our strongest tool. not having enough of it is crippling. >> early predictions were large amounts of doses would be available in october. people lined up outside of vaccination clinics hoping there would be enough to go around. richard reeve was at one of
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those clinics and has the details. >> fairfax county health officials prepared for as many as 12,000 people. authorities were able to get vaccinations to tw important groups,. mothers and young children. -- two important groups, pregnant mothers and young children. >> think we're all just a little bit scared. >> throngs of parents and mothers to b attended this massive clinic. jennifer rubin brought in her son during the break. >> we have had trouble getting his seasonal flu shot because it has not been available. i felt we might as well take advantage of the free clinic. >> authorities conferred it the fairfax government center into a clin. about the last thing we wanted was to send people home without
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receiving the vaccine. that did not happen today. >> the priority at this day, children six months to three years and pregnant mothers. >> it is important make sure that you take care of yourself and your children. >> after all this, 4300 people got their shots saturday and confidence as well. >> it is nice piece of mind to get the shot and know it is done. >> authorities will distribute more of the age 1 and won the virus through a clinic. -- more of the h1n1 virus through a clinic. authorities believe they will find more vaccine, but do not know when or where. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> for more information on the swine flu, log onto, keyword "flu." the police are investigating a deadly crash on the fairfax county parkway in springfield.
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drivers lost control of their cars, crossing into the southbound lane, colliding with two cars. three children suffered non-life thatening injuries, two adults were killed. weather conditions could of contributed to the crash. two people were taken to the hospital after a united airlines express flight encountered severe turbulence. at landed at dulles international airport. a female passenger and passenger hit their head. the flight had taken off from virginia with 12 passengers on board. the fbi has been called in to help authorities find a missing virginia tech student. they will investigate tips from around the country in the disappearance of 20-year-old morgan harrington, disappeared while attending a concert at the university of virginia charlottesville. a d.c. police officer is on leave after shooting a suspect
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in northwest on randolph street at around 10:15 saturday morning. there was a report of people tampering with a car. when the officers arrived, the suspects fled. one of the suspects pulled out a gun while they were being chased. he ordered the man to put it down and he refused and the officer shot and killed him. >> i have never seen this. never had this kind of problem. >> i think some people are numb to it. >> two suspects were taken into custody. the officer was not hurt. d.c. attorney general peter nickles said the city housing authority violated a law requiring the d.c. council to approve all contracts worth more than $1 million. the agency recorded $82 million of contracts with out getting the council's ok. the marine corps marathon is getting under way early in the
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morning. more than 12,000 runners will make their way through arlington and the district. many have special meeting with the race. courtney robinson is live in arlington with more. >> just about eight hours until the marine corps marathon gets under way. every one of these runners has a story to tell, every one of these runners is inspirational. it 26.2 miles. tonight, they spent the night refueling. the nerves are high. tomorrow, the stakes are higher. >> i am hoping i trained enough. >> more than 28,000 runners are filling up for the marine corps marathon, the 34th year. there are those who have been here before and those who hit the streets for the first time. >> i am a little nervous. this is my first marathon. >> she is running for no greater
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sacrifice. they raised $61,000 for the children of staff sergeant william jackson, killed three years ago and iraq. robinson will run forhem and their husband. >> being married to a service member, it is incredibly emotional and humbling. it is very personal. >> research will begin a 26.2 monterey around the district, pushing through the pain and making it to the finish line at the marine corps memorial. at 80 years old, bob says he may not win the race, but he will finish it. he said this is 454th marathon, his 10th time running the marine corps, a race that he holds near and dear as a former member of the corporate >> -- as a former member of the of corps.
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>>. lots of liquids. >> for family members, after your runner finishes the race, look for signs similar to this. you go by the first letter of your last name. that is where you'll meet and find your loved one who ran in the marine corps marathon. for everyone else, arlington is basically gng to close down. it will be quite difficult or impossible to get into this area. >> metro will open at 5:00 a.m. to help runners and fans get to the starting line on time. for more information on the marathon, log onto look under the "web sites mentioned on air" section. will mother nature cooperate? steve rudin has that answer. >> dramatic improvement in the forecast. lots of sunshine tomorrow,
11:56 pm
cooler temperatures, not as windy. the storm scan in the belfort furniture weather center, the court from -- a cold front pushing off the delmarva peninsula. temperatures in the 's, rebounding into the fifties. we will look at the extended outlook. two cold fronts on the way. coming up, how did pilots overshoot their destination by 150 miles? federal investigators are searching for answers. a pharmacist fights back against a would-be robber. and a priest is murdered inside of a church rectory.
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a janitor is behind bars
11:58 pm
tonight, accused of murdering a priest. the body was found in the rectory of st. patrick's roman catholic church in paterson, new jersey. they say that the janitor to stab the priest after a heated more -- heated argument. >> i cannot even think of anyone that could possibly want to do this to him. it is very sad. >> the janitor has worked at the church 17 years. a minnesota pharmacist fought off a would-be robber, caught on tape. he was working at a minneapolis drug store wednesday morning when a masked man with a knife came behind the counter and demanded drugs. he tried to talk the man out of it. that did not work, so he grabbed a stool in started struggling with him. the man took off after being hit by the technician. coming up, will the weakened be a washout? steve rudin is tracking the
11:59 pm
latest. and two pilots are grounded after overshooting their destination. i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment," and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote,
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federal investigators will
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listen to the voice recording of a northwest airlines flight after the pilots overshot the airport by 150 miles. tonight, new details about what happened. >> the mystery continues about why the northwest airlines flight missed its destination by more than 150 miles, out of radio contact more than an hour. one of the pilots insists they were in control of the aircraft. next week, both pilots will give their side of the story to ntsb officials. investigators will not be able to get much information from the cockpit voice recorder. it only holds the last 30 minutes of the flight. officials have questioned the pilots explanation that they had been so engaged in a conversation that they did not notice the overshot the airport. even veteran pilots said it would have noticed displays. >> it least if they had been asleep, there would've been a
12:03 am
physiological reason. to be awake and talking and so completely disconnected from reality of your job for one hour and 18 minutes is hard to buy. >> the pilots missed radio calls, 8 text messages, calls from the airline, and attempts to reach them by cellphone. once they reestablished contact they had them perform a series of maneuvers to prove they were in control of the aircraft. >> the first thing that crossed my mind was my life was in their hands. there was definitely some negligence involved here. the montgomery county section of the national council of negro women celebrated 40 years of service today. they serve the community with a variety of the to activities -- of family activities. leon harris was the emcee of the
12:04 am
event. wonderful organization. good news? good news on the way. a lot of runners and spectators will be very happy for what is happening later today. the time lapse in motion, earlier today, high above rosslyn, va., the clouds rolled in. they are beginning to clear out nicely. looking down pennsylvania avenue, it is dry, breezy. the wind is starting to change directions. that will allow cooler air to move in. the weatherbug network, bristow, virginia, 57 degrees. earlier today, they had 1.25 inches of rain. -- 1.75 inches of rain. gaithersburg 1.6 inches of rain. -- 1.75 inches of rain. gaithersburg 1.6 inches of rain.


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